chi siamo

Sea Kayakers Friends,

Welcome to the Qajaq world!

We are a small Company composed of persons who love water and produce sea kayaks with great passion.
Our history began in the eighties, when tourism along the Adriatic sea was starting to take off.

At that time in Italy it was still unusual to speak about sea kayaks and only small fiberglass boats were produced.
In these sea environments our Company got in touch with some foreign personalities who had already known kayaks and so the idea and the passion to met this fascinating world came into being.

The first Qajaq models were produced in the eighties meeting with a fairly good success, but in was mainly a local one.
Although valuable from the constructive point of view, they are experiences still at the beginning of the technique and the style.

The desire to cross the borders and to be able to produce high level kayaks is so high, and to compete with well-known builders means to grow and to improve.
That’s why Qajaq starts to concentrate on designs and performance, getting from Northern Europe those skills still lacking on sea kayaks.

This “Nordic” influence with product designers that take inspiration from the original models, bring those technical solutions rich of performance, that, joined with a smart Italian style and the great constructive experience, formulate the recipe of the Qajaq line success.

The long evolution that leads to our days is an endless improvement made of more and more refined solutions, even if the typical handmade production trend is kept untouched.

The result of this pathway is summarized in our mission: to carry out unmistakable sea kayaks, expression of elegance and performance!


Clearly the production is handmade, completely carried out in our yard, with great care and attention to all the productive process.
Our present production is made of a special material of glass and fibers, which represents the best compromise between stiffness and weight. Kevlar/carbon only on request.

This philosophy permits to produce kayaks with a remarkable level of finishes and a considerable attention to the particulars, to offer the best: the warranty regarding our kayak production is unlimited.