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Our models are the result of a long and careful evolution, which, nowadays, allows us to offer kayaks that are unique for their design and for their technical characteristics.

The Qajaq range offers kayaks that are different among them. This is the result produced by different sea kayak schools of thought.
Singularly, every Qajaq model is appreciated and enjoyed for its down peculiarities. Models, very different among them for their down characteristics, are often used by the same kayaker that loves different layings and different performance.

For every model, together with the description, we have given a valuation referred to the boat characteristics, to the kayaker’s ones and to the sort of use.
Here are some directions to help you in the choice of the kayak that is the most suitable to your requirements.

Kaylhoa, Island of Sardinia, Aqua, Sea Wolf and Avanaq are very performing, suitable to kayakers who love technical boats.
Viking and Endurance, even if they guarantee good performances, are very stable and infuse security: for kayakers who prefer these characteristics.
Kitiwec e Kaylhoa are a valid compromise between stability and performance, they are appreciated both by expert and beginners.

On Viking and Sea Wolf you can load the impossible without interfering in the overall performance.
Allround performing for every condition are Island of Sardinia and Aqua.
Avanaq, in its models, is a unique kayak: ideal for speedy performances but also a 360° sea boat.
Sea Wolf, in spite of its dimensions, is an amusing and handy kayak.