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Qajaq is able to fulfil every request and, according to the kayaker`s preferences and tastes, allows him/her to personalize colour, seat, cockpit, hatches and optionals “creating” his/her own kayak.


A video that allows you in few minutes to perform a proper maintenance on your kayak skeg.




-Retractable outboard skeg (for all the models, except Kaylhoa and Endurance)


-Rudder with pedlar for all the models.


-Retractable inboard skeg (for all the models, except Kaylhoa and Endurance)

The rectable skegs are optionals that improve the capacity to hold the course in the presence of a rough sea and/or in the presence of side wind. They are particularly recommended for Avanaq and Aqua. The VCP rectable skeg is the most used.

The rudder with pedlar, not so often required, has both the function of a skeg and the one of a rudder, increasing the kayak directionality and handling.


-The Henderson C.50 bilge pump fitted on the front deck (for all the models).

The pump allows to drain the water from the kayak after a capsizing.
It permits to effect this operation directly from the deck while sitting with the spray-deck closed.


-Separable in two or three parts all the models.

Separability allows an easier transport (also by air) and a stowage in limited spaces. The boat weight increases about one kg for every link without compromising the overall performances, on the contrary it increases the kayak rigidity.


-Construction material in kevlar/carbon available for all the models.

It mainly permits a weight decrease. For instance, an Island of Sardinia weighs about 25 kg. if made of fiberglass, but only 20 kg. if made of kevlar/carbon.
But we offer the construction with this material only on request.


-Cockpits and Seats

Except for Endurance and Kitiwec which have their own cockpits and seats, for all the other kayaks it is possible to choose among three different cockpits depending on the models.

Classical cm. 38 x 69
Medium size cm. 40 x 72
Large size cm. 41 x 81

Each of these cockpits is available with or without tightbrace.
The Medium and Large size cockpits allow the kayaker to go in and out more comfortably and they are particularly appreciated by middle and heavy persons.

The seats are available in three types:


The seat “Comfort” is particularly appreciated by middle and big build persons.
The Anatomical seat, particularly performing, is recommended to small and middle build persons. The higher sitting, compared to the traditional “Sport” and “Comfort”, increases the paddling strength and decreases the kayak primary stability.

Here are some examples of possible combinations.

Classical cockpit without tightbrace, seat Comfort

Classical cockpit without tightbrace, seat Sport

Classical cockpit with tightbrace, seat Anatomical basculante

Large size cockpit with tightbrace, seat Comfort

Large size cockpit with tightbrace, seat Sport




A request is necessary for rigid and adjustable “Sport” backstrap.

Three type of backstraps are available:

Rigid and adjustable

The low backstrap is the most required; on Viking Hv, Sea Wolf and Island of Sardinia it is available the high backstrap on request and without any extra charge or supplement.