This kayak represents the excellence of speedy performances in every sea condition. Extremely fast, quick and directional, it is particularly pleasant on flat water.
A unique design for a kayak beyond any comparison! High performance, direct feeling with the water and an absolute pleasure.
Avanaq is amazing: even being a technical and performing kayak, it offers an elevated load capacity, comfort and at ease even in presence of rough sea as well.
The design of the immersed part with an extremely rounded shape to improve the slip in water, the length of the hull, without excessive bow and stern extensions, and the quite limited wideness are its main characteristics.
Although it has been designed with the front and rear decks very low on water, in order to reduce the effect of the wind, it guarantees speed and directionality.

Avanaq "Agile"

The hull is less keeled and so easier to control, suitable for people who want to travel with a light load.

Avanaq “Fast”

Higher performance hull with a prominent keel, allowing the boat an even higher speed.
Suitable for people who like long journey contests, even in the presence of waves.


Construction material fiberglass
Length 550 cm.
Width 51 cm.
Cockpit 38 x 69 cm.
Front hatch volume 56 lt.
Back hatch volume 88 lt.
Cockpit volume 157 lt.
Total volume 301 lt.
Weight about 23-24 kg.


Two watertight hatches with a round stoppers or two watertight hatches with one round front stopper and one oval back stopper.
Rubber bands to fasten maps and a spare paddle
Safety ropes with stainless steel recessed deck fittings
Predisposition for front bilge pump
Paddle blocking system equipped with paddle float.

Avanaq is available with the classical cockpit, with or without tightbrace and with sport and anatomical seats.

Boat characteristics:

Starting stability
Secondary stability
Directionality AF
Speed AF
Handling AA
Load capacity
Resistance to the wind
Resistance to the wave
Perception on the water

Paddler characteristics:

Light weight
Middle weight
Heavy weight

Use of the boat:

Day trip
Week end trip

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